Wood turnery on a pedestal

The Danish company Brdr. Krüger is famous throughout Europe for its skills in woodturning, and this was probably one of the reasons why the company was asked to contribute to the exhibition “Handmade”, organized by design magazine Wallpaper in conjunction with the Milan Furniture Fair in April 2015.

In collaboration with Rotterdam-based designer Tomáš Libertíny, Brdr. Krüger made the pedestal “High Eccentricity”. It is characterized by its asymmetrical and dynamic form, where the profile is changing along with the viewing angle.

The pedestal is turned in solid Douglas fir, treated with blue linseed oil, providing a unique play of colors in the light and the dark wood.

High Eccentricity is a proof that the traditional wood turnery technique contains modern interpretations. The pedestal has so far been produced only in one copy.

Watch a movie about the making of High Eccentricity here.

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