While we are waiting: The Danish Chair

While we wait for better times, it is crucial that we do not lose courage and that we keep finding new avenues for inspiration.

Designmuseum Danmark has picked up the glove and created a digital guide to their online universe, which can be experienced by clicking here.

It is surprisingly inspiring to go on a virtual tour of the Danish Design Museum.

In particular, there must be an invitation to experience or relive the broad and permanent exhibition, The Danish Chair.

Watch the video above (in Danish).

Denmark became internationally known for its many approaches to the modern chair in the 20th century. Generations of Danish furniture architects have measured, studied and found inspiration in the historic furniture found in Designmuseum Danmark’s collections.

With this new presentation of our enormous chair collection, we hope to give our guests an overview of the Danish chair’s roots as well as a look at the chair as a culture-bearing and artistic object. We want to communicate Danish Design’s DNA through the chair, which is one of the strongest representatives of the development of Danish design.

The exhibition’s curator Christian Holmsted Olesen

Thank you to Designmuseum Denmark for insisting on being a museum.