Which chair is being upholstered?


Hans J. Wegner designed the Teddy Bear Chair in 1951.

From the end of 1953 PP Furniture was a subcontractor of the frame.

So as the chair for a number of years had been out of production, PP Furniture took the chair up again on the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary in 2003.

The chair’s name emerged as a reviewer described how the chair’s armrests embraced one with teddy bear paws.

In all respects, the Teddy Bear Chair requires a lot of dedicated handwork.

The upholstery is made up of materials like springs, wool and horsehair that no matter how you sit or move around in the chair provides an optimum of support.

It makes sense when you see how the upholstery is carried out on the image above.

Read more about the Teddy Bear Chair at PP Furniture’s website.

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