Website about the architect Arne Vodder


Arne Vodder (1926 – 2009) is considered one of the most important Danish architects of the mid 20th century.

Have you seen his website? Here you can read about his work and read his fascinating story.

This includes a fine overview of the many and beautiful pieces of furniture he has designed.

The website is in Danish and English and pointing to current producers such as Snedkergaarden Them.

Arne Vodder had great success abroad, and especially in the 50s and 60s his furniture was to find with Jimmy Carter in the White House, with Pope Paul VI in Rome, with President Anwar Sadat in Cairo, the United Nations in Geneva and at the offices of international banks, airlines and at embassies and hotels worldwide.

A unique, multifaceted and international effort that has helped to give Denmark its reputation as a design nation.

See the web page here