Sofa praises female furniture design

getama_vita_06In 2015, it is 100 years ago since Danish women achieved the right to vote, and this has obviously been highlighted in numerous ways throughout the year.

In the furniture world, the anniversary has, among other things, been marked with a special exhibition “Women in Danish furniture design,” displayed at the Trapholt Museum in Kolding until January 2016.

Danish furniture manufacturer Getama also wants to pay tribute to female furniture design. This is done by focusing on one of the most prominent female Danish furniture designers, Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005). On the occasion of the Trapholt exhibition, Getama has been in close dialogue with her daughter Dennie Ditzel, and this has resulted in the launch of her comfortable Vita sofa in a walnut frame version.

Nanna Ditzel designed this sofa in 1952 in collaboration with her husband, Jørgen Ditzel. Getama relaunched the sofa in 2014 in a version with an oak frame.

Read more about the exhibition “Women in Danish furniture design” here.

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