Via 57: The chair for the Manhattan skyline

In mid-May, world renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels could complete his first building in New York City – the Via 57 West Building, which is a spectacular residential building on Manhattan. The building combines elements of both Scandinavian and American architecture into the so-called Scan-American style.

During the inauguration, there was also the premiere of the new lounge chair Via 57, created in collaboration between Bjarke Ingels, design studio KiBiSi and furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen. The chair is characterized by its unusual tetrahedral shape, reflecting the special geometry of the Via 57-building.

The Via 57 chair is open and relaxed in its expression – you can sit in it from three sides, and it can be used as a small sofa for confidential conversations. It is also suitable for lounge areas, raising attention thanks to its unconventional form.

With the launch of Via 57 chair, Fritz Hansen resumes the company’s longstanding tradition of working closely with building architects, as for example was the case with Arne Jacobsen in the 1960es.

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