Valencia Impressions


Troels Grum-Schwensen Architect MAA, known among other things for striking designs for Randers + Radius – has written home from his visit to the furniture fair in Valencia, which takes place these days:

Spain is the land of bright sun, high contrasts and strong spices.

When you arrive at the furniture fair in Valencia, it seems calm and clear. Different from the hectic shows in Milan and Germany.

In addition to being a much smaller fair, it is mainly due to the halls with their giant lattice structures and large free spans which, together with considerable ceiling height, ensure a spacious feeling.

The layout of the broad, generous hallways supports well-being. Spain is influenced by the international tendencies and trends which, here too, express themselves in much indifference and mainstream.

Still, a good portion of local peculiarity remains.

Especially some of the Valencia area’s smaller wood furniture manufacturers hold the tab high with quality and designs that exude strong spice, sensuality, good Rioja and the sound of whipping.

All in all, Valencia is a fair worth visiting.