Upholstery furniture manufacturer expands model range and retailer network

skipper_uni_sofaThe light upholstery furniture range Uni is designed for both residential and contract markets. Design: Okamura & Marquardsen.

For almost 60 years, Skipper Furniture has delivered armchairs and sofas to quality-conscious customers. The North Jutland company manufactures sofas, modular sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs and daybeds. The furniture is designed by experienced Danish furniture designers such as O&M Design (Takashi Okamura and Erik Marquardsen) as well as Carsten Buhl, Anders Nørgaard and Finn Østergaard.

For a company like Skipper Furniture, it is essential always to have products that are different from those of the competitors. This is why it is important to CEO Steen Skipper to constantly put new products in the pipeline: “It is important to keep up with the market trend – and preferably slightly ahead, but not too much, because the furniture should of course also be sold,” he explains.

For many years, the Danish home market has been the main destination for Skipper Furniture’s production, but now the company works diligently to strengthen its export sales. “We have found new distributors in France, USA and the Middle East, and on the affluent Norwegian market we are in the process of expanding our retailer network,” Steen Skipper explains. In addition to these markets, Skipper Furniture is sold in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and Australia.

The dialogue with the retailers is very important to Skipper Furniture. “It is essential to give our retailers a thorough training in our products, making them understand the connection between the quality and price of our furniture, and enabling them to explain this connection in a comprehensive manner to consumers,” Steen Skipper says.

Steen Skipper (left) discusses an upholstery detail with one of his employees.