Upholstery furniture company ready for renewed growth in Asia

wendelbo_loftThe Loft sofa is an example of Wendelbo’s modern and timeless style. Design: Lars Wendelbo.

The Danish upholstery furniture company Wendelbo Møbel Design (Wendelbo Furniture Design) has strengthened its capital base, as the professional investor Claus Hommelhoff has joined the group.

Wendelbo, founded in 1955, develops and markets a collection of modern and timeless upholstered furniture, with an emphasis on good design and high quality. Today, the production takes place in Vietnam at the company’s own factory, of which Wendelbo so far has owned 50 per cent. With the new capital, the company is now able to gain full ownership of the factory and thus can control the future growth strategy, where ambitions are huge.

Wendelbo sells its furniture through wholesalers and retailers in 25 countries, but with the new financial flexibility, the company is ready for renewed growth. “We are aiming to get a much greater focus on the Asian markets, and here we are preparing several targeted marketing campaigns,” says Christina Wendelbo, who owns the company together with her husband Lars. She adds that the company also has other parts of the world in its searchlight.

Wendelbo Møbel Design
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