Unique furniture design in sustainable wood

Circular plank table from woodnwonder.

woodnwonder is a new Danish company that creates unique furniture of wood from the Danish island of Funen. Behind the company stands furniture designer and sculptor Bente Hovendal, who personally cuts out the furniture from the wood with her chain saw. She strongly emphasizes that all processes are carried out carefully and with respect for nature. Thus, the wood and each piece of furniture get the best conditions to show their personality. It provides a fresh breath of different aesthetics and (re) creates the connection between man and nature.

It characterizes every piece of woodnwonder design that all materials are sustainable, that the wood used is PEFC and FSC certified and locally grown, that the chain saw fuel and chain oil are environmentally friendly, and that the oil and wax, with which the furniture is finished, is organic and locally produced.

In recent months, a number of international media have spotted woodnwonder, including several leading US interior decoration blogs and a large South Korean housing and architecture magazine. Also, Danish newspapers have visited the workshop on the harbor in Svendborg, Funen.

If you want to buy a piece of woodnwonder furniture, Bente Hovendal recommends you to contact her in order to adapt special requests for materials, dimensions, etc. Then it will be possible to follow the making of the furniture via video right from the first cut.

Tel .: +45 6060 7440

Bente Hovendal with her raw material.