UNIK product range from Aubo


Aubo UNIK is a whole new series of fronts for kitchen and bathroom.

The series offers three variants in white and two gray shades which meet the stringent requirements of the environmental certification BREEAM.

The UNIK series has a surface in a silky, matte design.

The doors appear almost without glue joints, the edges are fitted with moisture resistant and heat resistant PUR glue.

Our new UNIK series is a bit of a unique one. Besides their good looks, the models have a durability beyond the usual. The new UNIK series is colour-stable over time, which also means that you can easily buy new fronts for your kitchen/bath after several years without causing colour differentiation.

Jens B. Bertelsen, Aubo founder and proprietor

The new Aubo UNIK series will be introduced from 1 October.

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