Turn Wegner around


In 1970, furniture designer Hans J. Wegner created a tray table with a reversible tray and a thin, collapsible frame in steel. At that time, the table was only produced for a few years, but now the furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son has assessed that the table matches perfectly with the current spirit of time because of its flexibility and functionality. Thus, it has again been put it into production and has been given the model name CH417.

The tray is available in two versions: One with black laminate on one side and white on the other, and one with light oak veneer and veneer in smoky oak on the two sides, respectively. By simply turning the tray, you can change the color mood of the entire room.

Both tray versions have an elevated edge ring in natural-colored oak, in which a single handle in smoked oak is inlayed. The loose tray can be used for serving.

The frame consists of two parts in stainless steel, which at the top and bottom are connected together by a pivot joint, making it easily collapsible. The frame touches the floor at four points, making sure the tray is horizontal.

The CH417 tray table has a diameter of 65 cm and a height of 33.5 cm. It will be hitting stores in May.

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