Classic children’s furniture in new colors

In 1962, one of Denmark’s leading female designers, Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005), created the furniture piece Trissen (The Spool) for the children’s ward at Lyngby Library. She was the mother of three and knew that children use furniture in different ways than adults. Children play with the furniture, move it or roll it around, or stack it on top of each other.

With Trissen, she made a piece of furniture that both challenges the children’s playfulness and also can be used as a table or a stool when they grow up.

The Trissen furniture range includes five models of varying heights. The small models can be used as both tables and stools for children, the medium-sized as children’s tables or coffee tables, and the large ones as dining or bar tables. Trissen is made of solid ash or oak.

The furniture company Snedkergaarden, who manufactures Trissen, has now, in collaboration with Nanna Ditzel’s daughter Dennie Ditzel, developed a new range of colors for the furniture to suit today’s tastes. The new colors are mint green, vanilla, moss green, burgundy and charcoal.

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