Tranquility and sustainability in the office

International consulting firm Deloitte has just inaugurated its new headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. Located in a block tower, it has a magnificent view from the office windows. Thus, it has been important to draw the visual tranquility into the offices, which are furnished according to CleanDesk and Free Seating principles. Therefore, working papers on every employee’s desk are cleared every night and moved to his or her own locker.

For the interior, Danish office furniture manufacturer Duba-B8 has delivered work tables, cabinets and canteen tables. All items are designed to support the visually calm expression, and they are developed in cooperation between the architect studio Arkitema, Deloitte and Duba-B8.

Work tables are designed with gable pieces that blocks out the visible bags and paper baskets, and cables and plugs are tucked away in an integrated tray below the sliding table top.

“For this task, Duba-B8 has designed a special cable system where the cables run through the table legs from table to table, so all wiring is invisible,” says Jan Torp, Key Account Manager, Duba-B8.

The cabinets emphasize the quiet overall appearance with white surfaces and handle-free doors. Originally, Deloitte and Arkitema wanted painted cabinets, but instead Duba-B8 recommended a durable melamine surface, as painted surfaces are very vulnerable to abrasion and impact.

As icing on the cake, the work tables, cabinets and canteen tables are all FSCcertified, which is fully in line with Deloitte’s sustainability principles.

“It is definitely a plus that Duba-B8 delivers FSC certified furniture, and this is something that made  the choice fall on Duba-B8,” says Anne May Høvring, HR Manager, Deloitte.

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