Tokyo: Danish design exhibition in the ambassador’s residence

By Kent Dahl

Last week, the Danish ambassador’s residence in Tokyo was setting for an exhibition of Danish furniture and handicrafts. The exhibition was built around products from 16 Danish companies and was open to both media professionals and the public.

The exhibition was built around different environments in the embassy residence where products from different design companies complemented each other.

“We hope that the exhibition can inspire the Japanese to see how they might organize their homes,” says Ambassador Freddy Svane from the Danish Embassy in Tokyo, adding: “We would like to stress that Danish design is not only about icons, but also use things that are part of everyday life. We want to reflect how Danish design can fit into the Japanese lifestyle. Here, there fortunately are many similarities between Danish and Japanese perceptions of good design,” Svane continues.

The ambassador’s residence, and the Danish Embassy as a whole, is in itself an example of this, since it was designed by renowned Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki. This has probably also attracted design-conscious Japanese who have been able to look inside. Maki has also designed the nearby Hillside Terrace-building. Both are located in the so-called Daikanyama area that has become a trendy neighborhood in Tokyo.

The exhibition has been based on a website about Danish design that is updated by the Danish Embassy in Tokyo. Here, the 16 Danish companies are also represented.