Tired man broke a record


At the Copenhagen auction house Bruun Rasmussen’s international design auction in late September, a record for the sale of a single piece of furniture was beaten. The armchair “The tired Man”, designed by furniture architect Flemming Lassen in 1935, was sold for a record high amount of 1.42 million DKK, making it Denmark’s most expensive design chair.

Back in the 1930s, Flemming Lassen designed a number of pioneering pieces of furniture, which today have become classics. They are characterized by their design that combines soft organic shapes with high quality and functionality. His furniture is very rare at auctions and thus achieves high prices, yet the auction house was surprised that this chair reached a sales price almost three times more than the assessment of 500,000 DKK.

The tired Man is made by cabinetmaker A.J. Iversen and was originally produced in approximately 50 copies. The chair is upholstered with light brown lambskin.

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