Thick, but not heavy


Imagine a fat man with a belt that tightens the stomach in well – then you have the shape of the back of Eilersen’s sofa Savanna. The back is straight at the ends, but in the middle it has a “belly” for optimum seating comfort. And compared to Eilersen’s earlier modular sofas, Savanna has 10 cm extra seat depth, providing better room for the long-legged.

But it is only on the back that Savanna has gained weight. The rest of the sofa has a light and tight design expression, and designer Jens Juul Eilersen has succeeded in creating a sofa that maximizes comfort without sacrificing ease.

All Savanna’s seating elements are 100 cm deep, and the chaise-longue module is as deep as 170 cm. In width Savanna varies flexible in small steps of 10 cm from 100 to 220 cm. This, combined with corner elements, allows one to build a couch in very specific dimensions to fit exactly to the room and the furniture it is to interact with. The elements are available with and without armrests.

N. Eilersen
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