The WON and only: A new Danish furniture brand

The Hold sofa and the Floater tray table are two of the members of the new furniture collection WON.

The Danish furniture company Wendelbo Interiors has launched a new furniture brand called WON, which is based upon a Nordic inspired design universe, where light wood and solid materials play a key role, and where prices are kept at a reasonable level.

Basically, the WON collection includes a series of light pieces of furniture: sofas, sofa and tray tables and stools. Stylistically, the furniture has retro references, yet it allows a modern expression. The collection will be regularly supplemented with new products.

A number of designers and studios have contributed to the WON collection – among which are de 365 North, Steffensen & Würtz and Note Design.

The WON collection will be out in stores in autumn 2015.

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