The winner of the FSC Design Award 2019 is…


This year, the FSC Design Award will be held in collaboration with, among others, FDB Furniture and Kvist Industries.

On November 20 and 21, 54 design and architecture students from all over the country exhibited their bid for the future of sustainable wood design from benches, wardrobe furniture, chairs, viking games shelves and coffee cups.

The winner was Morten Schnedler Jørgensen from Via Design & Business with Arabesk – a piece of multifunctional furniture that functions as a stool, table and storage.

The design is single-moulded and finished. You have succeeded in making one piece of furniture with many functions which is also stackable. The model has excellent commercial potential and can be scaled at many price levels.

Mads Arlien-Søborg, Judge Representative

The FSC Design Award is a design competition that challenges Danish design and architecture students as well as newly graduated to think in new paths and combine sustainability with good design in wood.

The overall goal of the FSC Design Award is to inspire future designers to see the possibilities of wood as a natural element of sustainable design.

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