The Valet Chair by Hans J. Wegner


The idea for the Valet Chair originated in 1951.

Hans J. Wegner had a lengthy discussion with architecture professor Steen Eiler Rasmussen and designer Bo Bojesen on the practical aspects of folding your clothes easily and conveniently together at bedtime.

Wegner took the consequence of the conversation.

And it led to a functional, humorous and sculptural solution to the problem – the Valet Chair.

The top rail is shaped like a clothes hanger on a slim torso, while the seat is designed as a storage box.

Originally the chair had four legs, but Wegner was not satisfied with that solution.

Wegner worked on and ended up removing one of the legs.

Thus, the intention to create a both light and playful expression without compromising the functionality was accomplished.

PP Furniture has produced the Valet Chair since 1982.

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