The Tub Chair by Hans J. Wegner


The Tub Chair is a groundbreaking experiment designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1954.

With the double-curved back, it became the most advanced shell chair he devised.

The chair’s back can be set in three positions: the first position is upright for reading, the middle for regular use and the last for relaxation.

The Tub Chair is a unique and quite complex construction.

Upholstery and plywood technology meet traditional wooden construction – added a metal angle to adjust the back.

The chair is an excellent example of Wegner’s vision and courage – and an extremely functional design.

The chair was ahead of its time and could only be manufactured rationally after Hans J. Wegner’s death.

PP Furniture reintroduced the chair as a tribute to Hans J. Wegner on the occasion of his 100th anniversary.

An outstanding chair and a unique story.

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