The story of the KS chair from OX DENMARQ


It follows that Mr. Fenby designed a chair – primarily for camping use around 1855.

The chair was named the Fenby Chair and was patented in 1881.

Later, the chair became known as the Tripolina Chair because it was manufactured in Tripoli, Libya.

In 1938, Bonet, Kurchan and Farrari-Hardoy transformed Tripolina’s chair to the Butterfly Chair, one of the iconic chairs of the last century, currently found at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The designers were all associated with the famous architect le Corbusier’s atelier in Paris.

In 2003, OXDENMARQ adapted the chair to contemporary comfort requirements.

The chair is called Trifolium and is manufactured with a headrest.

KS stands for king size and the chair comes in natural leather with stainless steel frame.

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