The SOHO sofa series from Labofa

20-09-04-labofa-5Hans Thyge & Co. has designed the SOHO sofa series for Labofa.

The series includes a one-seater, two-seater, 21/2 seater and a three-seater.

The design is based on a contrast between soft and comfortable cushions and a tighter architectural form.

The fabric attached to the frame has cutouts around the black lacquered frame.

The lower frame of the couch has springs, and the pillows are made of load-bearing foam for optimal comfort.

Hans Thyge, a designer and partner in Hans Thyge & Co. Design Studio, explains about the design process and the thoughts behind SOHO:

Over the last several years, we have seen a change in how we decorate our home, and the contrast between the sculptural and the architectural or functional versus the aesthetic has gained new significance.

We are more likely to mix and match objects with different temperaments and idioms. This contrast has been our inspiration and the soft feather pillows are therefore formally kept in check by visible pipes.

You could say that there is a subtle reference to Le Corbusier’s LC2 / LC3 sofa from Cassina, which also plays with the balance between soft and hard, making the furniture an architectural work in itself. 

Read the entire interview with the designer on Labofa’s website, where you can also read more about the exciting sofa series.

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