The Great Gatsby – and the not so great


The Great Gatsby is the name of a world-famous American novel that also has been filmed several times. The action takes place in the 1920s in the USA, and many associate the story with elegant upper class, decadent lifestyle, partying and celebration.

These are also some of the signals that upholstery furniture manufacturer N. Eilersen wants to send with its new floater sofa Gatsby, which unites classic lines and soft comfort in a rigorous, visual and sensual way. Gatsby creates balance in the interior with its fine shapes, sleek sides, tight body and oblong pillows.

Gatsby is modular and can thus be obtained in a variety of versions. The sofa is available with three different end modules, two center modules and a corner module. The seat tops have filling of feathers, while the cushions are filled with feather/down blend.

The Gatsby sofa offers a great variety of options for fabrics and colors, and the user can decide for him- or herself if the upholstery should be tight or loose – and therefore whether the look should be streamlined or more bohemian-style.

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