The authentic cuisine

sonderborg_koekkenbogThe Danish manufacturer of design-inspired kitchens, Sønderborg Køkkenet, has published the book Authentic Homes, which on 156 pages show examples of different kitchen solutions, delivered by the company to private customers.

The special feature of the book is that all the kitchens shown exist in real homes, inhabited by real people. The reason is that Sønderborg Køkkenet wants to make it clear that, in a world of computer drawings and photoshopped PR photos, authentic solutions appear extra strongly.

The book has no words, but consists entirely of images without photo manipulation. It is the belief of Sønderborg Køkkenet that the best way to tell about its product values is to let the pictures work as real statements from the families who have had their kitchen dreams fulfilled with a solution from Sønderborg Køkkenet.


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