That’s Four Sure!

With its distinctive V-shaped back, the new chair range Four Sure states that it is a full member of the Four Design company’s product family, but its rounded, organic contours also show that it is all its own.

Four Sure has a special design detail that makes the chair both simple and environmentally friendly: The shell has a unique molded bracket so it can be mounted to the frame with without the use of nails or screws. This saves both components and assembly time, and also makes it extra easy to separate the chair into components when the appliance is disposed of.

Four Sure chairs are available in different colors and comes with 4 different chassis types: 4 legs, sledge, 5-caster base with a gas lift and as bar stools in 2 height variations. Furthermore, an extensive accessories program with armrests, writing plate, coupling etc. comes with the Four Sure range.

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