Tested by Danish students through generations


Throughout the 1960s, the number of educational institutions in Denmark increased sharply and there was a great need for accommodation for students in the country’s university cities. These rooms should be equipped with furniture that was both robust and multi-functional, and at the same time could create a feeling of a homely atmosphere.

Hans J. Wegner was one of the furniture designers who were asked to design dorm furniture that met these requirements. One of his suggestions was the sofa bed GE 258, which was manufactured at the Getama furniture factory. It was a set assignment, and therefore there is not the great artistic touch to this piece of furniture, which has a more simple and neutral character than many of Wegner’s other furniture designs.

On the other hand, the GE 258 – with its square oak frame, its visible joints and with its right back, who also serves as storage – appears as a textbook example of a timeless, multifunctional piece of furniture. GE 258, originally designed in 1956, is probably one of the Wegner furniture items, which over the years has achieved the widest contact to many different communities in society.

Now, Getama has chosen to relaunch GE 258 as a proposal for a multi-functional daybed that will also fit in well with modern interiors anno 2015.

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