Tapered edges on the trays


New to Naver Collection’s model program are the lightweight tray tables AK 710 and AK 725, which are characteristic by the reversible tabletops that have veneered surface on one side and colored laminate on the other. An additional visual detail is the tapered edge of the tabletop, which either is in line with or angles against the lines in the light steel frame.

AK 710 has a height of 36 cm and a diameter of 50 cm, while AK 725 has a height of 42 cm and a diameter of 65 cm.

For the tabletops, veneers of ash, oak and walnut and laminate colors in white, anthracite, lavender and orange can be selected. The many colors provide numerous opportunities in the interior design.

Design: Nissen & Gehl MDD

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