3rd generation takes over in furniture factory


Knud Andreasen and Louise Andreasen.

The family-owned Danish rattan furniture manufacturer Sika Design has completed an internal change of ownership, as the company’s marketing manager, Louise Andreasen, has acquired her father Knud Andreasen’s shares. The generational change will have no immediate practical significance, as Knud Andreasen remains at the post of director, while Louise Andreasen continues as marketing manager. The reason is that new Danish regulations have made it advantageous to implement the change of ownership now.

Sika Design was founded by Ankjær Andreasen in 1940 and has over the years made wickerware furniture. Already in the early 1970s, the company was a pioneer in outsourcing its production to the Far East, close to the raw materials. His son Knud took over management in 1983, and in the following decades Sika Design became a leading supplier of outdoor furniture to large international furniture chains. As 3rd generation in the company, Louise Andreasen wants to develop this position in order to secure the future of the company.

Sika Designs sells and markets a wide range of rattan furniture produced in its own factories in Indonesia. In recent years, the company has focused on building a brand as a producer of classical architect designed wicker furniture, designed by famous names such as Arne Jacobsen and Nanna Ditzel. This collection is marketed as the Icons collection.


Back in 1925, Arne Jacobsen designed the Paris chair, who is now a member of Sika Design’s Icons collection.

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