Tacto – new kitchen design from Kvik


Tacto is inspired by the word “tactile” which means “can be perceived or felt by touch”.

The Tacto kitchen has a tactile brushed oak surface where the wood veins emerge in combination with hand-carved handles.

Tacto comes in three colours: Light and dark oak veneer and light grey foil.

The handles are available in several colours and materials from cast iron over brass to oak, which visually integrates into the fronts.

The Danish design duo byKato has designed the grips.

The different thing about the new grip lies in the shape and the mounting. The challenge was to get two contrasting materials to meet and still be experienced as a whole. We have done this by integrating the handle into a pocket milling, while the base of the handle aligns precisely with the door or drawer front surface.

Karl Rüdiger-Rossell, byKato

On the same occasion, ByKato has designed a shelf module, Legno. The bookcase has the same dimensions as the kitchen modules.

See more on the website here.

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