Symposium on Danish furniture industry: Past, Present, Future

From left: Anne Lise Kjær, Per H. Hansen, Nicolai de Gier, Tobias Lutz, Kim Herforth Nielsen.

Images of Danish Furniture is a campaign that provides a topical description of Danish furniture and the Danish furniture industry.

A highlight during Images of Danish Furniture will be the big symposium in Copenhagen on September 4, 2014, where Danish and international design experts and industry connoisseurs will give their take on Danish furniture industry today and the opportunities and challenges that meet the industry. The target audience is international designers, producers, journalists and other professionals.

At the symposium, you can attend the following speeches:

Future Trends
by Anne Lise Kjaer, trend expert and future analyst, Kjaer Global (London)

The Construction of a Brand: Selling Danish Modern
by Per H. Hansen, professional historian and professor at CBS

Where do we come from and where are we going?
Nicolai de Gier, architect maa and associate professor at the School of Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Designed in Denmark? Produced in Denmark? Branded in Denmark?
by Tobias Lutz, architect and founder of Architonic design portal (Switzerland)

Interiors and Social Behaviour – How interior design affects social life in buildings?
by Kim Herforth Nielsen, architect and partner of 3XN studio

The entire symposium is held in English language.

If you wish to participate in the symposium, please register here:

At the Images of Danish Furniture’s website you will find the entire program of the symposium and any other information on the many activities in the campaign.