Success for furniture sub-supplier

A selection of the FDB furniture collection, whose success has resulted in progress for the manufacturer Kvist Industries.

The Danish furniture group Kvist Industries specializes in being a sub-supplier of both furniture components and complete finished furniture items to other furniture companies.

Kvist Industries has factories in Slovakia, Latvia and Denmark, and in all locations, the company group has in recent years experienced growth and rising employment. The total number of employees has grown from 200 in 2011 to 450 in 2014. The Danish factory in Årre near Esbjerg today employs 110 employees, which is 30 more than in 2011. According to CEO Michael Kvist, this is a proof that the relocation of production to Eastern Europe will not necessarily have to cost jobs in Western Europe.

One reason for the progress of Kvist Industries is the successful relaunch of the so-called FDB furniture, which is a collection of simple, functional wooden furniture, originally launched by the Danish consumers’ cooperative movement in the 1950s. The furniture was designed by famous Danish furniture designers such as Borge Mogensen and Poul M. Volther.

Kvist Industries bought FDB’s furniture factory in the 1980’s and has, therefore, the old blueprints and tools of that time. Today, the FDB furniture is manufactured at Kvist Industries’ modern factories in Latvia and Slovakia, while the Danish factory is responsible for assembly  work. As before, the Danish consumers’ cooperative movement – nowadays called COOP – distributes the furniture to customers via the website

Kvist Industries
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