Stylish TV tables from Skovby


Most homes are equipped with TV and music systems, but often the devices are disturbing elements in a stylish interior decoration. Now, furniture manufacturer Skovby offers a solution to the problem with the launch of two pieces of multifunctional TV furniture, making it possible to store electronic devices and associated wiring away – without compromising on design, sound or performance. The built-in Remote Link system makes it possible to operate the system itself behind closed doors and drawers.

Furniture designer Per Hånsbæk has developed the TV modules for Skovby’s 900 furniture series, in which they have the model names #941 and #931. The difference is that it with #941 is possible to connect a sound bar on the middle flap. This improves the sound when watching TV, listening to music or watching a movie.

Both modules have an elegant and classic design, to which the narrow aluminum handles add a modern twist. Both modules can be mounted directly on the wall or on a base.

As in Skovby’s remaining range, you can choose between many different types of wood: Wild-oak veneer lacquer, wild oak veneer oil nature, wild oak veneer white oil, oak veneer lacquer, oak veneer soaped, oak veneer oil, oak veneer white oil, wenge veneer lacquer, walnut veneer lacquer, walnut veneer oil.

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