An Irish touch in the kitchen

For many years, Danish-born Per Ploug has been a distributor for the Danish kitchen manufacturer Sønderborg Kitchen in Ireland. Here he has also made a name as a designer specializing in finding creative design solutions for kitchens. In this context, he has designed the Veizla dining table, which in 2014 achieved a bronze award at the international design competition A Design Awards in Italy.

Originally, the table was designed as a dining table to be placed in the kitchen, made of the same wood as the kitchen tabletop. Due to the nice design, however, it has also attracted interest outside the kitchen sector and has been sold to both private homes and companies.

The Veizla table is characterized by the construction of the frame, which is assembled with a single fitting. This makes it easy to disassemble and assemble the table, providing great transportation benefits. The angle of the table legs both provides a stable and strong construction and also means that it is easy to find seating.

The table is made to measure in lengths up to 3 meters and can be expanded with two extra leaves.

Now, Sønderborg Kitchen has acquired the rights to sell the Veizla table in Denmark.

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