Sølvgade Chair in Milan

Sølvgade Chair by Cecilie Manz. (Photo: Tuala Hjarnø)

Mindcraft is the name of a curated exhibition of Danish design and crafts, which  every year since 2008 has been shown in connection with the Milan Furniture Fair. Mindcraft is arranged under the auspices of the Danish Arts Foundation.

Mindcraft 16 was shown in the beautiful hall at the language society Circolo Filologico in downtown Milan. This year’s exhibition included 17 new works, selected by the curator, the Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi, who had also designed the exhibition hall with rotating podiums.

Seen through furniture glasses, one of the most interesting contributions was Cecilie Manz’ light “Sølvgade Chair”, which is made of solid Oregon pine. The chair is named after the Copenhagen street where Cecilie Manz has her studio.

About the design process, Cecilie Manz says: “The path to the crisp, clear, calm vision that becomes the finished design often winds its way through entire forests of doubt and chaos. Discarded details, a waste heap of ideas, doubts, clarity, doubts – selection and rejection. The space among the growing piles of model foam, dust, cardboard, pins, wood and coffee forms a surprisingly productive space for creative and conceptual thinking. Sometimes it takes an entire haystack to produce a single needle.”


The exhibition hall at Circolo Filologico. (Photo: Jule Hering)

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