Soft Lounge Chair wins Danish Design Award


Thomas Bentzen has designed the T04 Soft Lounge Chair for the company Takt.

The chair has just won the Danish Design Award in the Feel Good Furniture category.

The core of the chair’s design is a thin veneer that folds out over the frame like a piece of fabric.

The jury states, among other things, the reason for the nomination:

The available price level and the self-assemble model make the chair a kind of advanced, sustainable IKEA furniture, understood in the way that there is an excellent potential to create real economic impact.

The chair manufactured at Kvist Industries has a five-year guarantee and is 100% environmentally certified.

The chair is made of wood from sustainable forests, and the full supply chain is certified.

Furthermore, Takt can pack 5-7 times more products in the same volume as a traditional chair, thus reducing CO2 emissions during transport.

The chair is an excellent example of furniture design and business model.


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