The couch “Off” is ON display


The couch Off is the result of a collaboration between Isabel Ahm and cabinetmaker Kjeldtoft.

The sofa was first shown at the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition.

Now Isabel Ahm’s design is part of the museum Trapholt’s permanent exhibition.

The museum finds it interesting that the couch mixes different disciplines, techniques and materials

Isabel Ahm says:

“Off offers a break. The couch is playing with a private room around the person sitting in it. We go offline when we sit in the couch as opposed to being online on the social media. Or just be surrounded by people and noise in public spaces.”

“We need craftsmanship and sensuous materials. They provide gravity, tranquillity and textural contrast to the volatility and smooth surfaces and screens that surround us in everyday life.”

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