Coat stand with dust colors

In 1963, Danish furniture designer Nanna Ditzel created a simple and elegant coat stand, which under the name ND09 almost has been in continuous production since then. From the start, it was Nanna Ditzel’s idea that the coat hanger should be produced in wood, so that customers could decide whether they wanted a raw or a lacquered version. Over the years, ND09 has been produced in a number of clear lacquer colors, but now the manufacturer – Snedkergaarden Them – has launched a modern dusty color scheme, designed in collaboration with Nanna Ditzel’s daughter Dennie Ditzel. The new colors are vanilla, mint, moss green, burgundy and charcoal, and in addition comes a version in smoked oak.

With its 12 hooks, ND09 can carry large amounts of outerwear, and when it is not in use, it serves as a beautiful sculptural element in the room.

The lacquered version is made of oak and ash. ND09 is 170 cm tall and has a diameter of 69 cm.

Snedkergaarden Them
Tel.: +45 8684 7799