Sleeping and dressing with Montana

Montana Wardrobe.

To many people, the bedroom has become the room of the house, which is one’s personal sanctuary. Here, it is possible to pull back and find peace and contemplation. In the bedroom, one has time to oneself – this is where one can enjoy a peaceful moment and read a book or get his og her beauty sleep.

With Montana Bedroom, it is possible to create a secure environment that can help one to fall down after a long day full of impressions. Montana’s well-known modules can be used as a base for a bed, optimizing the space with storage in drawers and behind doors. The bedhead comes in multiple sizes available in all Montana’s colors, and can be equipped with bedside tables, shelves and lamps.

Wardrobes are also often connected to the bedroom, and with Montana Wardrobe it becomes easier to survey the wardrobe content. Everything has its well-defined space behind the doors and in drawers. With Montana Wardrobe, it is also possible to color coordinate not only the clothes, but also the wardrobe itself by using Montana’s large color palette.

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Montana Bedroom.