American design award for Skipper Furniture

At the Boutique Design New York trade fair in November 2015, the American furniture distributor Sandler Seating, Atlanta, was an exhibitor. One of the furniture items on the stand was the spectacular Danish waiting chair Cocoon, designed by furniture designer Carsten Buhl and produced by Skipper Furniture.  With its futuristic design, Cocoon attracted so much attention that it won the fair’s prize for the best design.

The contact between Sandler Seating and Skipper Furniture was made during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February, when CEO Roy Sandler became aware of Cocoon. A cooperation agreement was soon reached, by which Cocoon became part of Sandler Seating’s comprehensive product range and got a distribution network in the US and Canada.

In addition to its sophisticated appearance, Cocoon also has many applications and functions. The shielding piece of furniture creates a “room within the room” where the user is secluded visually and sonically from all surrounding activities. In Cocoon, you can rest, read, work, listen to music or make calls in peace. The chair is sold to a number of educational institutions, libraries, psychiatric and dementia treatment clinics, etc.

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