School reform creates bustle at furniture factory


Workstations like these are currently being ordered by Danish municipal schools from Duba-B8.

Last year, the Danish Parliament passed a reform of the Danish public school. The reform includes, among other things, that school teachers now must spend more of their time at the school for preparation, correction of exercises, etc. This creates a demand for establishing several new workstations for teachers at the schools. These workstations should be ready when the new school year begins after summer holidays 2014.

Denmark’s largest office furniture manufacturer, Duba-B8, is one of the companies noticing a positive effect of the school reform. Through public purchasing contracts, the company is a furniture supplier to 67 Danish municipalities. Many of them have decided to purchase their new school office furniture at Duba-B8, which consequently will have additional revenue of several million DKK.

Duba-B8 has already received orders for 5,000 teachers’ workstations at Danish public schools, and hopes are that orders for another 10,000 units soon will be placed. The great number of orders has caused great bustle in both production and other departments of Duba-B8, making the employees work at both weekends and holidays. The management is also considering setting up evening shifts and hiring more employees to make sure that the furniture can be delivered before the end of school holidays.