Rud Thygesen has passed away


Rud Thygesen, furniture designer, Architect MAA, Rungsted, has passed away, 86 years.

Rud Thygesens helped to make Danish furniture design known outside the country’s borders.

He formed most of his active career partnership with Johnny Sørensen. At the intersection of their thoughts emerged a wide range of innovative and well-thought-out industrial products.

An independent assessment of form, function, choice of materials and manufacturing process characterises the solutions.

The royal furniture from 1969 became a breakthrough for the collaboration. The series is designed for a furniture competition and named after King Frederik the Ninth. The royal furniture radiates a minimalist exclusivity and is in use at Danish embassies and head offices.

The 8000 series of laminated wood from 1981 became a breakthrough with an innovative design language and a robust design that has gained a patent in many countries. It is merely ingenious to collect a piece of furniture in the same way as a branch is attached to the tree’s trunk. The series is still in production at Magnus Olesen.

Their furniture is represented at the Museum of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, the Museum of Fine Arts in Oslo, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Rud Thygesen will also be remembered as link between the significant Scandinavian functionalists and the next generation of furniture designers.

Honoured be the memory of Rud Thygesen.