Resource efficient environmental initiatives at Duba-B8


Danish office furniture manufacturer Duba-B8 has been designated by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency as one of 14 small and medium-sized enterprises that in an exemplary manner have taken initiatives in improving resource efficiency and creating links between economy and environment. The idea is that the 14 company cases should inspire other companies to take similar measures.

2 years ago, Duba-B8 decided to switch to use only water-based lacquer in its production. Among the many benefits the company has achieved hereby, the most prominent are:

• Better working environment.
• Less lacquer consumption in production.
• Lower safety demands mean more flexible production processes.
• Shorter drying time means less energy consumption.
• The need for fewer man-hours in production.
• Investment costs recovered in less than one year.
• Greener company profile meets customer requirements.

Read the full case collection here  (in Danish language only) – and read more about Duba-B8 here .