Ralph Lauren behind a look-alike product


A strong brand is characterized by being able to think innovatively and show new ways forward.

Therefore, it is a surprise, that the American company Ralph Lauren is behind a lookalike product.

It’s hard to tell the difference between Sonora Canyon Sling Chair from Ralph Lauren and Børge Mogensen’s chair # 2224, to the left in the picture above.

The copy is constructively made in the same way. The chair’s aesthetics, colour and material position and the legs angle is identical.

The only real difference is, that the copy has failed to make the hole, intended for a version of the chair with armrests.

When the chair was copied, apparently one did not know, that the chair could have added armrests.

The unusual in this case is, that Ralph Lauren sells the copy chair for about 42,000 kr. and Fredericia Furniture would take about 28,000 kr. for their original version.

Ralph Lauren is a well-established design brand, but such a contradictory action is risky for the confidence that consumers have in the company.

Thomas Graversen, director of Fredericia Furniture, expressed that they could possibly take up manufacturing the chair again, just to show the world where it belongs.

Hugo Boss, another strong design brand explains their DNA with the following slogan:

Do not imitate, innovate