Price Rain at Danish talent program


The Lifestyle & Design Cluster talent program matches Danish students with established Danish furniture and interior companies.

The aim is to create new products and innovation through a competition.

The students gain insight into the relationship between design, quality, production and finance.

And companies will have the opportunity to work with selected talents.

Skovby A/S received the award for “Best design and aesthetics” in collaboration with a student who was working with a cylindrical storage unit “Bow”. (The picture above)

Together with their group of students, Innovation Living A/S received the award for “Best idea and concept” and “Best team collaboration and work process” to create a room-in-room experience with a folding couch.

Eilersen A/S and their group received the award for “Most realizable product.” The group proposed an elegant and floating couch, where they had worked with sofa legs and created a fine and floating expression.

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