PP Furniture expands due to high pressure of busyness

Cabinetmaker Søren Holst Pedersen flanked by his son Kasper Holst Pedersen and his father Einar Pedersen, who founded the workshop in 1953.

PP Møbler in Allerød, which manufactures architect-designed classic design furniture of high quality craftsmanship, have bulging order books. Therefore, the company is expanding its production facilities with 500 sqm new workshop area. The new building is expected to be completed this summer and will thus allow for a number of new jobs.

“It has always been my dream to prove that it was possible to run a healthy furniture production in Denmark without compromising both the quality and the environment. I think that we now have soundly beaten fast,” says Søren Holst Pedersen, CEO and second-generation cabinetmaker at PP Møbler, with reference to a production that includes traditional upholstering with springs, horsehair, wool and cotton in eg. The Papa Bear Chair, or the highly demanding joints and complex forms required to make the Cow Horn chair, the Valet Chair or The Chair. This time-consuming craftsmanship requires a professionalism, which in many places have starved for decades. But at PP Møbler, it blossoms in full bloom.

PP Møbler
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