Poetic sofa turns 75

On the Cabinetmaker Guild’s annual furniture exhibition in Copenhagen in 1941, one of the eye-catchers was a small upholstered two-seater sofa, created by furniture designer Finn Juhl and produced by cabinetmaker Niels Vodder. It was called NV41, but later it became known as the Poet.

This name is due to the fact that the sofa for many years acted as a prop in a Danish cartoon named Poeten and Lillemor, which started in 1950. The comic author was cartoonist Jørgen Mogensen, who got his inspiration from his close friends – the poet Frank Jæger and his wife Kirsten, who just wad a daughter of Vodder the cabinetmaker, and therefore had a copy of the sofa in the poet’s home. The sofa in the comic is not 100 percent identical to the real sofa, but it looks like so much that the Poet name stuck to it.

The Poet sofa was – with its organic and sculptural form and its slim upholstery – both groundbreaking in its time and typical of Finn Juhl’s very personal style.  When the furniture company Onecollection in the early 2000s decided to relaunch a number of Finn Juhl furniture on the market, the Poet was chosen as one of the very first.

This year, the Poet thus celebrates the 75th anniversary of its establishment, and the small sofa has gained iconic status, while still a comfortable seating furniture wherever it occurs – both in public spaces and in private homes.

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Here is the Poet sofa in a strip of the comic Poeten and Lillemor.