Plato’s pendant lamps


The Greek philosopher Plato is famous for many things – and now he has also provided inspiration for a new series of handmade pendant lamps from cabinetmaker Nicolaj Bo. The Platonic Shades, as they are called, are made up of geometric shapes, as described by Plato. The pendants are made in two types: Icco, consisting of 20 equilateral triangles, and Dode, consisting of 12 pentagons.

The angular elements meet on equal many edges, thus creating harmony of nature and geometry terms. The lamps can from one side seem symmetrical and quiet, yet at the same time they seem asymmetrical and alive while seen from another angle. Thus, they serve as both lighting and sculptural objects in the room.

On the inside, the lamp screens have a white coating, ensuring a strong reflection of the light, and the many facets cause a surprisingly large scattering of light.

The Platonic Shades are made of ash, walnut, black or light linoleum, and are available in two sizes with diameters respectively 23 and 33 cm. Design: Thor Høy.

Nicolaj Bo
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