The philosophy of the sofa bed

Chief designer Per Weiss: “It is important to understand the zeitgeist, because it frames the requirements of customers.”

The Danish furniture company Innovation Living was founded in 1971, and has since 1989 been a specialist in the design and production of sofa beds. Today, the company is a global group with headquarters in Randers, Denmark, and subsidiaries in Beijing and Los Angeles.

One of the driving forces behind the company’s growth is chief designer Per Weiss, who for many years has shaped Innovation Living’s collections of sofa beds in cooperation with internal and external designers.

Per Weiss explains about Innovation Living’s design philosophy: “We are a Danish company anchored in a Danish design tradition, where aesthetics and function must go hand in hand. We see it as Innovations Living’s mission to create more space where square meters are few. We have made it our specialty to design and produce sofas that can turn into beds, and beds that can turn into sofas. That means two pieces of furniture in one, and thereby release of space for other purposes.”

“We always have our users in focus, and therefore we work continuously to understand the needs and zeitgeist. Our task is to create a product range that continuously reflects the most important needs and trends in relation to our target group. Our age is characterized by a global trend in which we are moving from the countryside to the city and thus, from cheap square meters to fewer, but more expensive square meters. We work both with the development of sofa beds for the compact apartment and with solutions for the larger residence, where it is desirable that the sofa in the living room can accommodate an additional sleeping guest, as well as designs for life in the teen room, the dorm or the community,” Weiss continues and concludes: “Our aim is to develop distinctive and qualitative designs in an accessible price range. Attractive designs, which, thanks to a harmonious relationship between form and function, create value in daily life and are able to withstand the daily wear and tear.”

Innovation Living has a total of five furniture collections: One Room Living + Istyle (Europe), Home (USA) and Rebel + Bohemian (Asia).

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