Pato brings value to New Zealand


One of our readers in New Zealand has been so kind as to share an exciting story about the layout of a store in Auckland.

Design Denmark, which has a furniture store in Auckland, has just designed a cutting-edge concept store that offers customers more than just a showroom.

The interior includes a fully integrated dining experience with working kitchens where customers can meet, eat and learn about food and design.

In this regard, it was essential to choose brands with strong family values, innovation and durability.

Because of their simplicity and comfort, they chose to decorate with chairs and stools from the Pato collection from Fredericia Furniture.

As Bill writes, New Zealanders love to express their individuality in the decor – so with the incredibly many variations, the Pato collection was an obvious choice.

Many thanks for the story Bill Carrig – and Merry Christmas to our readers in New Zealand.